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Welcome to St Albans Trees

Local family run business established in 1991, incorporated in 2003 as St. Albans Tree & Garden Services Ltd.

Recognised by our red & grey painted vehicles we cover not only Hertfordshire but also North London.

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We can list amongst our clients not only many satisfied private customers, but many schools, churches, builders, housing management companies and Parish Councils.

For a free, no obligation quotation, with no hard sell, please phone 01727 833076 or email us at


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We cover all aspects of tree, hedge & shrub work. For partial reductions to complete removal of trees. Reducing, shaping & pruning small fruit trees & shrubs. Stump grinding. Plus trimming, reducing & removal of hedges.

Over 25 years we have established an envied reputation for our quality of work, our quality of customer relations and our trust.

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Trusted Trader

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Located in the Centre St Albans

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Serving St Albans & North London

Why Choose Us?

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Our unique selling points.

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Our quality of work, customer relations and the returning trust we have built up.

The Legal Side

All climbers are NPTC qualified

Public Liability Insurance £10,000,000

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Stump Grinding

With the development of modern stump grinding machines it is not necessary to leave stumps behind once a tree is removed.

We offer a comprehensive stump grinding service

Stems can cause trip hazards inn lawns and pathways. Be unsightly in borders and harbour pathogens and fungi than can cause surrounding plants and trees it become infected and dir. Removing stumps can also facilitate the erecting of fences, walls and the laying of paths and driveways.

In the case of building extensions it is very often better to get rid of nearby trees that may adversely effect the new building resulting in deeper foundations having to be built. Removing trees & stumps can save thousands of pounds in building costs.

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01727 833076

St. Albans Tree & Garden Services Ltd

Tree Work

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From the reduction of trees to their complete removal we can offer an experienced and safe operation.

Reducing trees makes up most of our work. Trees can very quickly out grow their situation. Touching buildings or blocking out light. n these cases trees can be 'tastefully' reduced & thinned giving many more years of amenity value. Knowing when & how to do this is integral to the health of the tree.

Removing trees is mostly needed when trees are growing 'in the wrong place' e.g. too close to a building, boundary or drains. we have many years experience in removing trees in very restricted places.

Fruit tree pruning.

Pruning fruit trees, Apple, Pear, Plum, Cherry etc... Knowing when & how to do this is extremely important to the health & vitality of the tree. We have many years of successful fruit tree running behind us with clients coming back year after year.

Frequently asked questions

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Do you come out as far as ...?
Anywhere in Hertfordshire & North London

Are you insured?
Yes, we carry £10,000,000 public liability insurance. Our insurance Certificate is available to view.

Are risk assessments, method studies etc... supplied?
Yes, if requested.

Are you Licensed to carry waste?
Yes, Certificate on request.

Is your waste material re-cycled?
All our waste is environmentally re-cycled. Details on request.

Do you offer free quotations?

Once a quotation is sent do you ever phone or email to discuss the quotation before the client has responded to the quotation?

Do you lease with Local Authorities on behalf of clients.
If the client wishes it.

Do you apply for permission for works on restricted trees to local Authorities?
Only with the Clients permission.

Do you ever cold call or leaflet drop?

St. Albans Tree & Garden Services Ltd

Please feel free to contact us directly on 01727 833076 - or alternatively click HERE to go to our 'Contact Form', and we will contact you when it's most convenient for you.

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Highest quality of work

Family Run Business

All climbers are NPTC qualified

Located in the Centre of St Albans

Superb customer relations

Public Liability Insurance £10,000,000

St. Albans Tree & Garden Services Ltd incorporated in 2003

Registered Office
Chequer Lane
Redbourn AL3 7NH

Company No 04917491 registered in England & Wales.
telephone: 01727 833076